Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Scrapbookers Anonymous

This month the challenge at scrapbookers-anonymous was to use rub ons from our stash on the layout.  I made this before we moved to Dunedin and wanted to get it uploaded before the challenge was over.  Oh and no patterned paper!  I made my patterned paper with a chicken wire screen and glimmer mist.  All of the words on this page are rub ons, and even the white diamonds on the page.  I really liked the way this layout came together.  Enjoy!  :)

Life in pictures...

Christmas Eve.....
they will outgrow the tree before too long!

Skyping with Grandma and Granddad in Iowa for Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Crowns from our party crackers

Ian picking cherries

fun with the Brooks boys
Moving from Christchurch to Dunedin

Making pumpkin bread with Aden

Rolling out the sugar cookies
Aden cooking this towel from my Mom
Its been a busy few weeks around here.  I thought I would show you in pictures what we've been up to.  These are not really in order, which is kind of how life has been lately around here.  :)  We moved 4 hours south of Christchurch to Dunedin just a week before Christmas.  Christmas was good but a little strange being in the summer.  Although, we didn't have to worry about travel plans or Christmas Eve services being canceled because of snow!  The boys are on summer holiday right now.  We are anticipating my in-laws visit next week.  They will be with us for a whole month!  We are so excited to have them here.  I'm hoping to get a little scrapbooking in before they arrive.  I've got my space set up for the most part and I'm ready to get back at it.  And of course taking more pictures!  :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sketchy Thursdays...

Hoping this isn't too late for the challenge at Sketchy Thursdays.  I loved this layout and the way this came together.  More catching up on our move in the next post!  :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My baby is 7...

Loves Ice Cream!

Loves this jersey from Grandma G.

LOVES his stuffed animals!!

Loves to spike his hair fancy

Loves to be generous (toys for 2 yr old Liam)

Loves his new bike!

Loves to be loved!
Where oh where has the time gone?  I am so thankful to have you in my life.  You bring me such joy.  I remember the day you were born and the love I felt seeing you for the first time.  God has given me a blessing by putting you in my life.  Thank you for being so sweet, generous, loving, crazy, and mischievious.  I can't wait to see what the next seven years bring us.  I love you, Babe!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Favorites and Sketchy Thursdays...

Mmm..chai tea
Love this music!
Just the right snack...

Favorite jandals, jeans and polish!
My layout this week for SketchyThursdays got me to thinking about some of my favorite things right now.  I thought I'd share some of them with you.  First up is my new favorite warm drink...spiced chai tea.  I am trying to perfect making my own as a cup of it at a coffee shop is about $5.  Not quite there but pretty yummy all the same.

My next favorite I'm listening to as I type this.  My top 3 Christmas CDs.  With it starting to be summer here, it just doesn't feel right to play Christmas music most days.  We will stop into the mall and hear "Dashing through the Snow" on the loud speaker and just shake our heads as we are in jandals (flip flops) and short sleeves.  Just doesn't seem right.  Today its in the low 60's, wet, and my hands are cold so it makes more sense to play it.  I love Christmas music and usually play it from my birthday in October well into January.

I love these rice crackers!  They are a great snack without costing me too much in calories.  Yumm!!!  And I love it when they are on special (not sale because everything is for sale every week) for $1.99 instead of $3.49.  That's when its time to stock up!

These are my favorite jandals, practical and a splash of color.  I ordered them from the states for $27.00 which if I could have found them here they would have been well over $100 and then my loving Mother-in-law shipped them over to me.  They are SO comfortable!  I will be on the lookout for another pair.  I'm wearing my go to favorite jeans and never leave the house without this polish on my toes...Walmart $0.97 special I might add.

Now on to my layout....Kaikoura is one of our favorite places to visit in New Zealand.  The mountains are just stunning there and you can be 3 feet or less away from brown fur seals.  Of course they are still wild so we approach them with caution but love being able to see them so close.  We took these pictures when we visited Kaikoura on my birthday.  The next time we are up to Kaikoura, we will have my in-laws with us and are so excited to share this beauty with them.  I must admit that some of my favorite things have shown up on this layout...bling, pom pom trim, flowers, mini alphabets, and Thickers.  And of course I've scrapped my favorite subjects too...the boys and us!      : )