Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Triathalon and Sketchy Thursdays...

Yesterday two of the boys participated in the much anticipated school triathalon.  It had been scheduled for Sunday but due to the downpour of rain, it was postponed.  Tuesday was not pourning but we did get sprinkled on while the wind blew a chilly breeze.  Aden did not want to run so he participated with a team and did the biking and swimming.  He did great and I was so proud!

This is Aden and his teacher Mrs. Powell.  He had just been tagged and it was time to get going on his bike!

Even though he started out last, he passed a couple kids on the track.  Way to go Aden!!  Next was swimming four laps of the pool.  He's in all that splashing I promise.  :)  School swimming lessons have really helped him swim better.  I was impressed!

Everyone who particiapted got a chocolate bar.  Yum!!  Great job Aden!!!

Next was Ian's turn.  He wanted to do all three events so first up was running.  I love that they ran with their togs (swim suits) and bike helmets on.  :)

Then came the biking.  Ian did a great job and even passed a couple kids!  Ian loved to jump this wee curb instead of keeping to the path.  He must have thought it gave him an advantage....or was just cool to do!

Then came the swimming.  Ian too is doing much better with his swimming.  I'm so proud!!

And once again, a chocolate bar was the prize.  Way to go Ian!!!!  Great triathalon!!!!

It will be fun to scrapbook these pictures when they get back from the printer.  In the meantime, I used some older pictures that I just love for this week's challenge at Sketchy Thursdays.  We dog sat Rory about 5 months ago or so and the boys just love her.  Aden especially loves it when she licks him.  He just giggles and Rory seems to love that too.  These pictures were perfect for this week's sketch.  

I really thought this layout would be about either the dog sitting or Aden's laugh.  I love that I can see this a genuine laugh for him.  But that picture of Bryce looking right at me just stuck out to me.  So my layout became more focused on him than the events of the photos.  I love it when that happens.  Those types of layouts come from my heart and not my head.  

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Life and a little scrapbooking thrown in...

Sunshine+warm weather+lazy Saturday=impromptu picnic!  After early morning showers, it was a nice suprise to see the sun come out and the weather warm up fast.  So once again, we loaded up and headed to the skate park.  Its close and the boys love going there.  (and yes, I did do a couple loads of laundry!)

Last week I finished up this layout and realized I hadn't posted it.  The Tuesday Sketch Gals over at Frosted Designs had another great sketch this week.  I'm so glad to be playing along with them!  If you're a scrapbooker, head on over to their blog and check them out.  Each Tuesday they will have a new sketch for you to play with.  And of course the Fabulous Friday challenges, of which I'm a part of the team!

With us in New Zealand and my parents in Iowa, I've had many days and moments where I've missed them deeply.  These photos were from one of the last times we saw them before moving here (I've had them almost a year!!).  I've tried to scrap them before but emotionally I just couldn't.  I loved this sketch for these pictures and am so happy to have them in a layout instead of in my photo file.  Thanks Frosted Designs!!!  And I'm so happy to say that next month...April....my parents will be here in New Zealand for a visit!!!  Then I will have new pictures to scrap....when I'm ready.

And just to show you how precious that sunshine is.....
This was yesterday......sunshine and warm weather...

This is today.....rain, fog, and chilly...

That's New Zealand for you!  :)  Hope you are having a great day no matter the weather where you are!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Frosted Designs...

The Gals over at Frosted Designs have a great Friday challenge up this week!  Recycle/Repurpose!!  I have had this mirror frame for quite awhile wanting to do something with it but just wasn't sure what.  Well, when I saw this challenge, I knew this was the time to use it!

So I decided to turn this mirror frame into a piece of art.

I thought it would be fun to be able to use both sides, so when you flip it over this is what you get.....

or this.....

Thanks for coming by to look!  And if you're from the Frosted Designs site, I apologize that this post is late.  New Zealand time change, busy week, and single (for this week) Mum duties have my brain not working right!!  Please come play along with us for this challenge!!  See you next time!  :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The sun!!!

The sun is shining after 3 days of rain and grey skies.  And my washing machine is humming!  So just a couple quick layouts before I go enjoy this sunshine.

The gals over at Design Dollies had a great sketch this time around.  Awhile back in Christchurch, Bryce and I went on a date and ended our night at the Chocolate Lounge.  I had a hot chocolate of some sort and Bryce had a spicy hot chocolate.  We also shared a couple small pieces of chocolate.  Yummmm.....it was a great way to end a date!

I also did a layout for the "celebrate You" challenge but didn't get it finished in time to post for the challenge.  Why is it so hard to do a layout featuring ME?  Even though it wasn't done in time for the challenge, I'm glad I got this one done. I am not very good at self portraits.  I really like to be behind the camera more than in front of it.  But I do know its important for my boys to see this side of me too.  I did use the sketch over at Pencil Lines for this layout.

Yesterday was so cold and wet.  About 4pm the rain stopped so I took the boys to the skate park.  Just because it wasn't raining didn't mean it was warm.  Brrr....we didn't stay too long but they wanted to show me their tricks on their bikes.

Well, two loads of laundry on the line and one in the machine.  Its almost lunch time so I'm going to go for a walk first to enjoy that sun.  Loving it!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sketchy Thursdays...

More rain, more grey skies.  I was hoping we'd have a little of that autumn weather today...crisp but sunny!  So today I'm staying inside and playing.  This layout is for the weekly sketch challenge over at Sketchy Thursdays.  These pictures were of last year's St. Patrick's Day.  This year the boys wore uniforms...red and black or Aron's red and grey.  Aden wore a shamrock pin just in case.  :)  So different to not see them going off to school all dressed in green.

Boy, I sure could use some of that sunshine today!  Maybe the sun will peek through these clouds and even produce a rainbow.  Not looking likely but a girl can dream!  Back to my project!  Hope the sun is shining where you are today!  :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Field Trip and some scrapping thrown in...

Ironically enough, I could have named this post "rainy day" as well.  We've had rain for the past two days. Makes for slow drying of my laundry as its hanging in the lounge!  Anyway, today I went with Aron on a field trip.  It was to the Settler's Museum and very different than I expected.  The museum is undergoing some major renovations so there really isn't much to see.  We were in a classroom most of the day with a lady teaching us about early settlers of Dunedin.  It was SO interesting!  Not being from New Zealand, I really don't know a lot about the early days of this country.  I learned so much today!  The kids would listen to her and then break out in groups for an activity of one sort or another.  We ended the day with learning about the Chinese history of Dunedin and visiting the Chinese Gardens.  It was lovely.  Just too bad it was wet and cold!

I love this photo of all these boy's school socks.  They were not posing but lined up to head back into the classroom.  Aron is the 3rd legs from the left (behind the middle set of scrunched down socks)

Last weekend I finished up this layout for the Friday challenge at Frosted Designs.  The challenge was banners.  Banners seem to be popping up all over the place!  I thought I'd take a little different twist on my banner and make it out of leaves from the Little Yellow Bicycle Twig line.  I just love this line!  The blues, browns, and greens are my colors.  I've used almost all of the little bit of it I had.  The gals over at Frosted Designs have some great challenges.  Check out their blog for more info and to join the fun!

I hadn't really planned on placing my journling block where I did but I had a little 7 year old help with my "coloring" of this page.  Well.....I've had a little talk with my artist and he has agreed to work on his own paper and not my layouts!  :)

I'll be back soon with another post as I'm working on a layout as we speak.  Loving the way this one is coming together!  :)  See you soon!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rainy Day...

Yesterday was the perfect laundry day.  I was able to get 3 loads washed and dried before 5pm.  I remember the days of doing 7 loads a day and just keeping the washer and dryer running.  Dryers here in New Zealand are very tiny.  I could probably fit one pair of jeans and maybe a shirt in my dryer.  So I wait for "good drying" days.  Like yesterday.  And then I get as much done as I can.  To make putting away easier....on me....the boys each have a colored basket.  In go clean clothes for them to put away.  Occasionally I get clean clothes underneath dirty ones when someone doesn't put away their clothes first!

Today is not a good laundry day.  Its wet, chilly, and the sky is covered in clouds.  Thankfully I had yesterday to do the laundry and get groceries.  So today after a quick vacuum, I was ready for Lynne to come over and play.  With paper and glue that is!

I was happy to finish up this layout for Pencil Lines.  When we lived in Christchurch, we visited Kaikoura about 2 hours north where the brown fur seals are.  We were so lucky to be able to get so close to these babies.  I literally kept telling the boys to back up as the pups were so curious of us.  They were fascinating to watch and we hope to get back there when my parents visit.

I also finished up this one for Sketchy Thursdays April Guest Designer.  Aden cracks me up!  I love the way his 7 year old brain thinks.  Bryce is going back to the States for a visit soon and Aden is getting together a package for his best friend Ethan.  So as we are walking to school, Aden says this to me.  "Mom, I hope Ethan sends me a package.  And in it is a bird.  I will name it Polly and it would say Polly want a cracker."  All the while he is pretending to stroke a bird sitting on his finger!  Where does he come up with these things???  I knew I had to get that down on a layout.  So here it is...

Sorry about the red edges today.  Since its grey I put them up on my chair....rather than the floor....for better light and can't seem to crop them close enough to get rid of that red edge.  Hmmm....

This last layout is for the weekly challenge at Sketchy Thursdays.  I liked seeing a two pager this time around.  I have been doing more one page layouts and have plenty of pictures I need to scrap.  This sketch was great for these pictures of our last day at Ledges State Park.  We visited this park several times when we were in Iowa at my parent's house.  The boys just love it!  There is a wee creek that winds around through the park and you can play in it at several spots.  The boys love to catch frogs, jump off rocks, roast marshmallows with our picnic, and overall just get soaked.  This day we saw 5 snakes there too!  *shudder*  I could have done without seeing them.  Thankfully they stayed clear of us and we did the same.  Oh, and thankfully I now live in a land with NO snakes!  Anyway....I was happy to be able to scrap these pictures although it did create some teary moments missing my folks.  One day we'll be back and I'm sure Ledges is a place we'll visit.

Well, its almost time for school to be out.  The sun has decided to poke its head out of the grey clouds.  And I can even see some blue sky!  Maybe the rain will hold off for Ian's touch rugby game.  I've got a few more layouts running around in my head.  Maybe I'll be able to get them out soon.  Today I was thankful for a rainy day.  :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life with a little scrapbooking thrown in...

Last week I took a canvas class taught by my super talented friend Lynne.  I have looked at projects such as this one and thought "I'd love to make that.....but I can't."  Well, let me tell you....I CAN make projects like "that".  I had such a great time that night!!  Messy hands=fun times!!!

And here's my finished canvas.  I am SO proud of this piece of art!  I can't wait to make another one!

Every Sunday night, we have tea (dinner) with our friends Tony and Kelsey.  It was our turn to provide tea so we thought we'd do something a little different.  We took a picnic tea on a hike to Tunnel Beach.  As we are sitting on top of a cliff eating tea, I just had to pinch myself.  "Yeah, I LIVE here!"  Its been over 9 months and I still haven't gotten over that.  And honestly, I hope I never get over it.  I love it here!

I did get a layout finished last night after a day spent mowing, weeding, and washing bedding.  I was happy to get this one moved off my desk.  The Tuesday Sketch gals at Frosted Designs had a great sketch so I thought I'd play along with them.  You can find the sketch here.  Come along and play with us!

When we visited my brother and his family in Las Vegas, we played at this local park.  Aron wanted me to get this jump on film so he kept jumping and jumping and jumping!  I kept taking pictures until he was satisfied with the shots I got.  I was pretty happy with them too.  :)

Oh, and just for fun....Aden lost a tooth last night!  Actually he pulled it 45 minutes after he was suppose to be alseep.  :)  He's so cute with that hole right in front.  I'm hoping he loses the one next to it before the adult tooth comes in.  I love that gaping hole in the front!  Sooo cute!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Frosted Designs DT Color Challenge...

Hi Everyone!  I'm so excited to share my first post being on the Frosted Designs team!!  We were given this picture to make a project with.  (Sorry if the picture doesn't show up.  It will when I preview my post but then going back to it, its gone!)   The colors are minty spring green, burgendy, purpley blue, and a pink color.  You can check out the picture at Frosted Designs!


Boy do the Girls over at Frosted Designs know how to give a challenge!!  If you know me....mum to 3 boys....these colors aren't really in my palette.  :)  I immediately thought of some burgendy flowers I bought ages ago.  They were perfect!  Add in a few tags from Kaiser Kraft and some colored cardstock, and my page came together.  I was really happy with the end project.  

If you haven't played along with Frosted Designs, head on over to their blog and give their challenges a go.  I know you'll be happy you stopped by!  Thanks for visiting my blog and I'll see you at the next challenge!  :)

Random thoughts and Scrapbooking...

Its autumn here in New Zealand and that seems quite normal to my American brain except when I remember its March, a typical spring month in the States.  I have really loved the fallish weather.  The crisp and cool mornings, bright sunny afternoons and then cool evenings.  Autumn has always been a favorite of mine.  The trees are just beginning to turn colors and I love seeing that.  I will say that I will miss visiting the pumpkin patch.  Picking pumpkins, apples, and a hay ride was always a favorite autumn activity of mine.  Just doesn't seem right without it.  Now, I could visit "the Pumpkin Patch"....a kid's clothing store just to say I'd gone but not quite the same.  This picture is from October 2009 when we visited a pumpkin patch in Iowa with my parents.  Both my brother's where visiting too so my niece Maisie is the extra pink hooded head poking out there.  I so wish we could all be together again, pumpkins or not.

Today's rainy/foggy/misty weather has reminded me that winter is not too far off.  And it provided some lovely pictures of the roses in my garden.  Love the raindrops on this one!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day I took the boys to the beach.  As always, just because the air was warmer doesn't mean the water is warm.  I even sat with a towel over my jean clad legs wishing I had grabbed my sweater before heading out the door.  But the cold water doesn't ever seem to bother the boys.  Aden had decided he was just going to dig this time and not get in the water.  Ummmm.....stay dry at the beach???  He ended up just as wet as his brothers.  :)

Last night we had our neighbors over and for dessert, I made the kids mini banana splits.  My mom gave me these dishes before we shipped our things here.  I belive they were my grandma's and they are all spring like colors.  They were packed with special care and the boys especially were thrilled that we used them for such a yummy treat.    I'm so thankful to have them with us here.

Last weekend,  I got just a little bit of scrapbooking done.  This layout I did for the challenge over at Scrapbookers Anonymous.  This month the challenge was to use at least 7 flowers on our project.  Well......let's just say I used a few more than 7.  In fact, I used 176 flowers on this layout!!  Yes, you read that right....one hundred and seventy six!!   Ages ago, I bought these paper flowers in the brides section at Michael's.  They are intended for down tables or in invitations.  Or in my case, a whole bunch of them glued onto a piece of paper results in a patterned paper of sorts.  They really were too bright so I painted over them and love the soft look that gave them.  I figured it was time to scrap last year's Easter photo since Easter is next month already!  Where has the time gone???

I also finished up this layout for the challenge over at Pencil Lines.  They provided the sketch for inspiration and this is what I came up with.  I just love this picture of Aron and Aden.  I know that one day Aden will become "the pesky little brother".  So for now I'm enjoying the relationship they share.

Well, I have another project I want to post but I'll save it for next time!  Or actually for the time after my first post with Frosted Designs.  I'm so excited to be designing for such a great group of ladies!  Oh, and tonight is my first....of many.....scrap nights held at my house.  Tonight I have 4 other ladies coming and I can't wait!  I'm sure I'll have a few projects from tonight that I'll want to post here as well.  Until then!!  :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sketchy Thursdays and Design Dollies...

Saturday.  A day to relax, to catch up, to house clean, a day to scrap.  Its been great having out of town company and we have truly enjoyed it, but it will be nice to be back into our "normal" routine.  In between the vacuuming, laundry and running errands, I was able to finish up these two layouts.

This one is for Sketchy Thursdays sketch challenge this week.  I was pleased to use some of this Making Memories spring paper I've had on hand for ages.  I love the way Aden's hands always get more   dyed than the eggs!  I used just a touch of glimmer mist around the edges for that dyed affect.  Even after photographing it several times, the mist still isn't showing up so great.  I loved the way the brackets looked like the stem and leaves of the flower.  Didn't really plan that but love it when something like that works out!  :)

My second layout is for the Trifecta challenge over at Design Dollies.  This time around the challenge was use green, purple, and ivory....use their sketch....and "love" in it somehow.  I decided to document Aden's love for his chipmunk, appropriately named Alvin.  My mom gave this finger puppet to Aden and it has been a favorite for a long time.  Well, Alvin decided to do a disappearing act on us and I went crazy looking for him.  I (and Aden at first) looked everywhere.  And I mean everywhere, inside and out, under beds, in couch cushions, in the van, even in public places we frequently visited.  No Alvin.  Alvin had been gone for about 2 months and I had decided that we would never see him again.  Aden decided one day to play with his brother's army men.  Ian has a child's travel suitcase full of these little green guys.  Low and behold, when Aden unzipped them, the first thing he saw was Alvin.  Right there among the army men, with us all along.  Sigh of relief.......

I've really enjoyed playing along with these online challenges.  And some times it pays to play!  Over at Design Dollies I won the prize for the February Trifecta and over at Scrapbookers Anonymous I won a prize for my February layout.  Those two wins along with my super exciting news of being on the Frosted Designs Design Team has made this a pretty good scrappy week!  Oh and my number of blog followers is growing too!  If you're a reader, wheter random or regular, I'd love to have you follow along with my journey here in New Zealand.

Now, I'm off to create another layout while the floors are clean, the laundry's drying, and the boys are playing.  :)