Friday, February 15, 2013

Be Bold

There are so many exciting things are happening over at Frosted Designs!!  New team, monthly challenges, tutorials.....make sure you stop by the blog to check it all out.  The challenge this time around is "Be Bold".  This is not a combination that I work often with so it was a great challenge for me.  :)  

I had recently stripped floral wallpaper from the boy's bathroom.  For some reason my three, "all boy" boys didn't really care for pink floral wallpaper.  ;)  I painted the walls a soft grey and each boy is assigned a different color for their towel.  (My secret way of knowing who hasn't hung theirs up!)  The room needed some art to bring out those colors.  

I made a canvas reminding them of three bathroom "jobs".  Wash.  Flush.  Brush.  I used the tree colors from their towels for the canvas.  

Bright blue, Celery Green, and Pumpkin Orange were my color choices for this project.  

I used a large canvas and divided it into three equal sections.  I sectioned it off with a light pencil line and used a yard stick to put vinyl letters on it.

Next is painting the color on.  It took several coats to get the colors to be rich enough and cover the white canvas.

After the colors were dry, I used a craft knife to gently peel the letters off.  I touched them up with a few coats of white paint.  It takes a steady hand to get them filled in just right.  After the white was dry, I touched the letters up again with the appropriate color.

Eventually, the canvas will have a black frame around it.  And the bathroom will have towel bars.  :D

Hope you will join us at Frosted Designs for this "Be Bold" challenge.  Make sure you link up your project for the chance to win a great prize and so I can check them out!  

~Make your day a beautiful one~