Thursday, June 24, 2010

Leaving my mark.....

This morning I walked to the beach.  From the house we are renting, it is a good 20 minutes at a brisk pace.  I was hoping to get there as the sun was coming up to capture it on film.  Today there were too many clouds to see the actual sunrise.  By the way, those clouds have stuck around all day!  I did get some pretty shots but not exactly the ones I was hoping for.  As I walked closer to the ocean, I realized that the tide had washed the beach smooth.  Where I was, my footprints were the first ones made.  It was really cool to think that the water had enough force to wipe away all the holes, footprints, dog tracks, and most of the driftwood off the beach.  There were a few shells here and there that had been washed ashore by those same waves.  Although I knew I wouldn't be the only one on that beach today, it was fun to be the first.  To make my mark!

I can hardly believe we have been in New Zealand for just over 3 weeks!  I plan to visit many other beaches and hopefully make my mark there too!
Cheers!!  : )

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Its official!

I have been in New Zealand for one week and a day now.  And I am declaring that I offically do NOT own enough black clothing!!  Most all of the Kiwis (New Zealanders) wear all black or some shade of it.  Now there is nothing wrong with all black but by nature I have always loved color.  I love having vibrant colors on my wall, in my scrapbooking and even in my clothing.  I did bring some colored tops with me but as I am trying to fit into the NZ life style have chosen to wear the few black or brown pieces I've brought instead.  I can see a shopping trip in my future to buy more black and shades of black!  I did pick up these lovely shoes yesterday though.  A girl does need a little color, even if its on her feet!  : )
Oh, and I already have my scrapbook page for this picture planned in my head!  Black, grey, and a splash of red.  : )

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today I am in New Zealand.
Today is Sunday.
Today is rainy and gray.
Today I would love a fountain Diet Cherry Pepsi.
Today instead I am drinking Schweppes Sparkling Duet, a fizzy fruity drink.
Today I found out that all my pictures are also uploaded into Snapfish New Zealand!
Today my laundry is finally dry, after I washed it 3 days ago!
Today I wish I was scrapbooking.
Today I miss my family and my friends.
Today my boys are watching Scooby Doo.
But today is good because today I am in New Zealand.  I really do like the Schweppes drink and was so excited to find out that my pictures are in Snapfish NZ too!  I am thankful to have had a place to wash my clothes and that they are all dry, even if it did take several days.  I may not be scrapbooking at the moment but I am getting pictures that will be wonderful to scrap.  I do miss my family and friends but am so thankful that I have such a wonderful group of people to miss.  Finding Scooby Doo on the television was a wonderful thing!  The boys are totally enjoying themselves.  So today is good.  What will tomorrow bring?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wow......we are really here....New Zealand....Somebody pinch me!  As we are staying with friends and enjoying seeing the city, its hard to keep in mind that this is a move and not a vacation.  I think as we find a house to live in and our own vehicle, it will become more and more real.  But I think for now, I'll still need that pinch!  : )