Thursday, May 6, 2010

Taking the first step

Tonight we had a cookout with two of our neighbors.  Our boys have been running over to either house after school to play for months now or inviting the neighbor kids over to play here.  They have develped a sweet friendship with those kids.  Although our kids have that great friendship, us parents haven't gotten together other than just here and there to say hello or gather a kid up.  So tonight, we sat around and just shared in life.  As we were ending our evening, we said "why didn't we do this earlier, when we would have time to do it again?"  "Its about taking the first step" said Julie.

The first step.  We all have those moments.  When we step out of our comfort zones and make a move.  Most of the time, we find out that stepping out wasn't as hard as we imagined it to be.  And many times, it ends up being something enjoyable.  This was certainly the case tonight.  For our children, taking the first step was easy.  Running and playing and sharing life just comes naturally for them.  For these neighbors, I am truly thankful.  Not only have they welcomed my boys into their homes countless times, but they have welcomed them into their hearts.  It is because of these neighbor kids (and parents!) that we will be seeking a home in a neighborhood with kids.

So thank you Neighbors!!  Thank you for taking the first step.  Because you have stepped out, I now have the determination to step out to my neighbors in New Zealand.  Thank YOU!!

Just a few other notes......
*its now 27 days
*we are getting a thunderstorm as I type
*Aden is still sleeping in his slippers!  : )

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  1. Well said. My tissue was in hand. Thanks neighbor.


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