Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The past few days...and some scrapping...

Late Sunday afternoon Bryce...my husband left for Auckland at the top end of the north island for work.  (Dunedin is toward the bottom end of the south island.)  So I've been doing the single mum stuff for the past few days.  Boy, am I ever glad I don't have to do that all the time.  And for those that do, I applaud you.  Its a tough job.  Not only have I done the normal duties of being a mum....laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, running boys to and from school, mowing the yard, but I've had to take our van in for some maintenance.  Nothing major but a few stops that Bryce would normally take care of.  Yesterday was a beautiful day so it made my running around a little easier.  

Love it when I can hang washing out on a winter's day!  The sun felt so good and the clothes got dry the same day!!  :)

And a winter's garden.....so pretty and nice to have colour in the yard.  Nothing like our midwest winters that are brown and barren.  I mean, I mowed the yard yesterday!  I didn't ever do that in Indiana during  winter.  :)  

Today it has felt much more like winter.  Rainy and chilly.  So this is a picture from my kitchen window.  My Dad made me these salt and pepper grinders and brought them when they visited last month.  I love them so.  (You may notice, no screens.  NZ doesn't really have bugs so when we open the house, we really open the house.  So nice!)

Oddly enough, there was a faint rainbow in the sunrise this morning.  Before it started raining.  Beautiful but strange.  This is from the back of the house....

And here is the sunrise from the front...

Now onto something scrappy....Since all my work was done (for now as a mum's work is never really done) I played in my scrap room today. Sketchy Thursdays had a great 3 photo sketch this week.  I pulled out these photos of Aden licking the beaters after we mixed up some chocolate pudding.  Mmmm.....I did have to laugh remembering that he also asked if he could lick them the next time I made mashed potatoes.  :D  That boy loves his mashed potatoes!

A few close ups...

I love that photo with his eyes closed.  And it wasn't a snap while he was blinking.  He really had his eyes closed enjoying that pudding so much.  :)

I also worked on the sketch over at Pencil Lines.  They too had a 3 photo sketch.  I chose photos of Ian this time.  I took these a few months before he turned 10.  He looks so much younger to me but look at those blue eyes.  They really are that blue.  I just love them.  Well, I love the whole boy but those eyes...

I don't typically do hidden journaling but for this page I have a note in the brown envelope just for Ian.  My boys are growing up too quick.  :(  I do love the young men they are becoming though.  

Tonight Bryce will be home.  And we are all happy about that.  But for now, I have tea (dinner) to fix and Aron (11)  has a school disco tonight.  He is so excited.  I asked if I could come along with my camera.  I about fell off my chair laughing at the look he gave me.  And a strong "NO" came with that look!  lol....I'll settle for a pre-disco picture at home.  :)


  1. These LO's are beautiful( I got a peek tonight in real life). Loving your photo's too, gorgeous.
    Hoping Bryce gets home safely tomorrow

  2. Wow, awesome pictures! You live in such a beautiful place!!! Would especially love the no bugs! Great 3 photo layouts! Love what you did with the twine and the buttons on the first and the doilies and the circles on the second!

  3. Well, as a midwesterner, I'm definitely most jealous of your lack of bugs -- but you sure live surrounded by beauty! Love your layouts, too -- those photos are great!

  4. I was a single Mom for 8 years.. it is a tough job!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee the lo's!!! Just GORGEOUS!! Thanks sooooooooooo much for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Hi!!! fantastic pictures of NZ. no bugs huh? Not even mosquitos??? fascinating.
    your layouts are great as well. love the coffee looking stain on the bottom one...=)

  6. I love both pages! Very nice! Thanks for playing with Sketchy Thursdays!

  7. Not much else is better than licking the beaters! Thanks for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! xoxo


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