Sunday, February 5, 2012

Frosted Designs Show Me Sunday...

Hello Everyone!  Today for Frosted Designs Show Me Sunday I have a fun project to share with you.  I've always liked the printed masking tape you can buy in the scrapbook stores but since that tape is hard to come by here in New Zealand I thought why not try making my own.

I started with a few basic supplies....masking tape, a stamp, and an ink pad.  In this photo is also the box I used to make my project and acrylic paint to paint it.

Start by lining your masking tape on a surface you can peel off when you are done stamping.  I used my nonstick mat but a page protector would work well too.  If you make more strips than you need, you can store them on the page proetctor until you want them for a project.

Next, ink your stamp and stamp on the masking tape.  I found the "Dew Drop" inks to not smear as the distress ink did.  The best choice would be a Stayz On ink or something like that.

I painted my box with acrylic paint so no brown would be showing through the tape.  I also painted the inside of my box to give it a more finished look.

After the paint had dried, I began to wrap the box with the stapmed masking tape until the whole box was covered including the edges of the lid.  I decided not to cover the whole lid since I was going to decorate the top of it.

I chose to cover my box with 3 different colours of ink that I applied with a foam applicator.

Last I used some flowers that coordinated with the ink colours and decorated the top.  Now I have a box that could be used as a gift box or to keep something special in.

I hope this has given you inspiration for a simple yet lovely project.
Happy Crafting!


  1. Fun! I LOVE masking tape! So versatile. This reminds me of the vases we used to cover with masking tape and then stain with shoe polish as a kid. Well done! What are you going to put in it?

  2. This box is soooo cute! Great idea using masking tape too!

  3. Absolutely brilliant! The decorative tape is easy to come by here but what a great idea if you want to use long lengths of it! Or to customize it! Just love this, I had to pin it! :)

  4. Great project! Love the end technique that you showed. Will have to try it soon. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog.

  5. Hi Lydia - what a fabulicious idea! I really enjoy your amazing creativity & have awarded you a Liebster award:) Details are here:


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