Thursday, January 31, 2013

Love hearts...

Frosted Designs is changing up the challenges just a bit.  There will be two challenges a month and plenty of tutorials and techniques to share with you in between.  Make sure you check out the blog for all the details!

February is known as the love month appropriately with Valentine's day approaching.  The first challenge of the month is "to use the word LOVE and at least one HEART on your project".  

I found this canvas on a clearance for $2.17.  I really liked that it was on a stand and double sided.  Although my son liked it for the soccer scene, I saw potential!  :)

So I took this canvas, left the stand black, and covered it with some remnant fabric.  The fabric cost me $1.56.  I used Mod Podge to adhere it to the canvas.  I did the same with the lace and doily, both from my sister-in-law.

I made this heart using the same technique as the small red one for my She Art canvas.  It too is adhered with Mod Podge.  The letters are stuck on with a strong glue stick just so they won't fall off when its standing upright.

A strand of pearls from my SIL's stash completes this side of the canvas.  I'm thinking eventually the other side will read "Do what you love".  But for now "Love what you do" seemed appropriate, especially with me starting a new photography job that I absolutely love.

The cost of this project was less than $4 and a bit of creativity.  I have a second canvas like this that has a football on it.  Don't think that football will stay around long.  :)

Head on over to the Frosted Designs blog to check out the new changes and to link up your project.  Can't wait to check them out!

~Make your day a beautiful one~


  1. I LOVE how you took this decoration and saw so much potential for it! (not that the soccer player wasn't amazing!) Your son might be disappointed but I am so glad you shared this with us! Can't wait to see the other side when it is done... hint, hint. :) Glad to hear that you found the perfect job!

    barb :)

    1. When I have the other side finished, I'll make sure to show you Barb. :)

  2. your work is truly beautiful. I love this piece

  3. That canvas stand was a steal, and I love what you did with it. I am wondering, are the pearls just laid over it or are adhered to it? Good luck with your new photography job, that sounds like so much fun! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

    1. Hi Sandee....The pearl necklace is stuck on with just a few glue dots. :)


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