Friday, March 2, 2012

Frosted Designs...

Hello Everyone!  Some how the numbers on the calendar have ticked away and its now March.  With the year almost a 1/4th gone it seemed fitting that the Frosted Designs Fabulous Friday challenge this week is "numbers".  You can interpret this challenge any way you would like. I decided to use my favourite number 3 and one of my favourite photos of my boys.  I have always loved the number 3.  Don't ask me why but I have.  :)  I think its pretty ironic that I have 3 boys that I love to pieces.

I used three different fonts of stickers on my cardstock base and misted over top of them.  I love the shadow effect that it made.

I wanted to incorporate elements of "three" into my page so I included three flowers, doilies, hearts, and the number 3.  I also wanted to sew on this layout so thanks to my best friend Lynne for the use of her sewing machine.  I had gone around my page once and it looked nice all but one corner.  And that corner was going to bother me so I had to go around it again.  And then it struck me....I need to go around my page THREE times!  :) a not so straight sewing turned into another element of 3 on my page.  :)

I really hope you'll play along with this challenge.  It was a fun one for me.  Make sure you link up your project to the Frosted Designs blog for the chance to win a prize and so I can check it out.

Happy Crafting!!  :)


  1. Lydia... this may possibly be one of my all time favorite layouts! I LOVE all the ways you included the number 3 in it, especially the masking of the words! And I completely adore the way you stitched around the edges!! Who would have thought that you were correcting something you didn't like to end up with the final product?! Gorgeous!

    barb :)

  2. Beautiful!!!!!! love love love the masking. Great job with the challenge.

    1. Love it!!!! So creative!!! Love how you incorporate your lucky number into your layout! Great masking and stitching!!!

  3. those 3 boys

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    Ali x

  5. Gorgeous LO! Love all that misting, doilies and stitching!
    I'm so happy to be playing along with such talented lady!
    Liva ❤


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