Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scrapbookers Anonymous...

This post for Scrapbookers Anonymous carries a bit of sadness to it.  This will be the final month of challenges for SA.  Theresa and Lea, the creators and organizers, have decided its time to quit the challenges.  Although it would be amazing it was because they used up all their stash....and had to buy new....its because life gets hectic and some things have to be let go.  I would like to wish Theresa and Lea all the best and thank you for such wonderful, inspiring challenges.  I know you have pushed me in my creativity and definately used up some of my stash.   Make sure you watch the blog for a mid month challenge you won't want to miss!!

The challenge for April is "Maps and Brads".  The map can be patterned paper, a real map, or something you've printed off.  And the more brads the merrier!  There is a special prize for the person who uses the most brads!!  Now, I've known about this challenge for quite some time and its taken me months to get something put together.  I do have a heap of nice map projects pinned on Pinterest now though but I ended up with a simple layout.  :)

My original thought had been to take a real map and do something with it.  Only problem became that I didn't have a map!  :)  So patterned paper had to do.  I used some wee white brads to "hold" my twine in place.

Hope you will join us at Scrapbookers Anonymous for the "Maps and Brads" challenge.  Make sure you upload your project so I can check it out and for the chance to win a prize.  Also, come back mid month to find out the final challenge of Scrapbookers Anonymous.  

Happy Crafting!!  :)


  1. Love your map hearts and what you did with the twine and the brads. Fabulous simple layout!!!

  2. so many kind comments about SA. it has been a fun journey and I'm glad you came along for the ride with us. your layout is awesome!!! looking forward to the mid month fun too.. =)


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