Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scrapbookers Anonymous...

The girl's over at Scrapbookers Anonymous are having a little fun for the last mid month challenge.  Since this blog is all about scrapping your stash, this challenge is to show us your stash.  Post some pictures of your stash and link it up to the SA blog.  There are prizes to be won!  Scrappy goodness to be added to your stash.  :)

I am constantly reorganizing and weeding through my stash.  I enjoy that just about as much as scrapping itself.  As I type this, I am surrounded by boxes as we are shifting houses Friday.  So much of my stash is packed up and will be rearranged once again in our new home.  I did take a few photos before it got packed.

These glass jars are my favourite things in my scrap room.  They hold my favourite products and things I use on almost every project.  Lace, baker's twine, and teal/white flowers.  I absolutely love them and would love to have another set.  :)

This shelf holds my plastic containers with all sorts of "stuff" in them.  Stickers, papers, name it...its in there.  I am trying to find a better way to organize it as I find I'm not in these containers much.  They just take up space.

This box holds my beloved Glimmer mist.  Funny thing is when my best friend in the States started collecting Glimmer mist I thought how would I ever use it.  Well......I do on pretty much every page and really want more for my collection.  I use browns the most and can't seem to get enough of them.

This box holds my paints and as you can see, I'm in need of another box!!  I like to store them upside down because I can see the colours and then they are easy to get out of the bottle.  My boys also use my paints for their craft projects.

When my parents visited in May, my Dad built these shelves for my scrappy things.  They have been really handy to have and I manage to stay somewhat organized with them.  I love having not only a place for everything but something my Dad has made for me.  Now to paint them.....

Just another view of the shelves.  My madeover teal suitcases hold rick rack and glitter glues.  Actually, I had forgotten about the glitter glue.  Guess what else the kids are going to get to play with???  And something else will find a home in there.

And a front on view.  The big boxes on the bottom shelves hold thickers, punches, and random things.  I did a paper collage on them but now I'm thinking brown paper on them and maybe masking with my glimmer mist.  Not sure but think they need a makeover.  :)  The two "tool" boxes hold brads.  Oh my....I sure don't use brads like I used to.  I think they are going to find a new home too.  And I might give the boxes to my son for his ever growing collection of rocks and shells.  Hmmm....I think I have more cleaning out to do.  Makes room for new, right???  :)

This white shelve holds many of my flowers.  I don't use them much at all so since this photo I've given away quite a few and have thoughts to use this shelf to display wee projects or some of my glass bottle collection with teal accents in them.  Are you seeing a trend??  Teal and favourite colour combo.  Or maybe this shelf will become a shadowbox project.  Hmmm.....the possibilities!

What I have been very fortunate with is always having a space to scrapbook.  Scrapbooking is not only enjoyable for me but my stress release.  Thankfully our new home has a space waiting for me.  I can't wait to get it all set up.  Might be the first room together.  Well, probably not as I'll have fun rearranging and trying out new places for my things.  And maybe those shelves will get painted.  :)

Ok, now its your turn.  Take some pictures of your stash and show us at Scrapbookers Anonymous.  I'd love to see how you organize all your stash and maybe get some new ideas for my own.  Plus, who doesn't want to win more scrappy goodness!!  Can't wait to see!

Happy Stashing!!  :)


  1. I love your glass bottles with colourful bits and bobs. I use old spice bottles for sequins, beads and brads. I wanted to buy some larger ones but I will be sharing the new craft space with DD and she is scared of glass bottles - she is convinced they will break and cut her. Perhaps when she is older.

  2. Hi Lydia, be nice to work alongside you at Scrapfriends....oh, all your stash!!! Puts my little bits to shame, but I HAVE taken the photos & I definitely am going to load 'em tomorrow. Time seems in short supply atm:):) So glad you're on this team - their store is FAB:):)

  3. I really enjoyed looking at your scrap space! How exciting to be moving and decorating your new space soon :)


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