Saturday, March 2, 2013


Chevrons are such a hot trend!  I notice them everywhere.  Even walking in the snow the other day, I noticed someone's boot print was a chevron pattern.  "Chevrons" is the challenge over at Frosted Designs for the next two weeks.

I decided to make a chevron canvas for this challenge.  I started by making a triangle template to trace for my chevrons.  I cut a 12x12 square.....because I "forgot" I have a ton  few sheets of 12x12 paper.  Whoops!  :)  I cut the 12x12 in half corner to corner.  Then cut that triangle in half straight up the middle.  I used double sided tape to hold them together so I could trace them onto my canvas.

I just eyeballed the distance between them but you could measure the space between each row.

Next, I chose my color pallet and started painting.  It took at least two coats of paint for most colors and even a third on a few.  When the paint was dry I used a black sharpie and a ruler to define the lines of each chevron.

I mixed white paint and water and used a paper towel to "white wash" the whole canvas.  I loved the bright random colors but wanted to tone it down just a bit.  

I painted a camera and did some hearts for the finishing touches.  I really wanted some sort of quote on this canvas.  I looked around the internet and really didn't find one I wanted to use.  So I kind of made up my own.  I do believe that my (our) heart captures so much more than my actual camera does.  

I hope you will join us at Frosted Designs for the "Chevron" challenge.  Make sure you link up your project for the chance to win a great prize and so I can check them out.

~Make your day a beautiful one~


  1. You are ROCKING these canvases - this one is sensational...LOVE the colour palette - & your quote/concept is soooo true!!! Looks great on the wall, too:):)

  2. Hi Lydia, not only is this darling and I am very impressed about you using your own words, I am LOVING your wall display of all your work. It looks great! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina♥

  3. I am swooning over this canvas!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! The design, the colors, that darling camera... all of it is fabulous!!! And I am pretty excited that I got a sneak peek at that heart tutorial... I may have to try this very soon!!

    barb :)

  4. Hi Lydia! I am new to the FD team and new to your blog... I love your style and that canvas is awesome!! Looks like a cool artsy little cluster you have there on your wall!


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