Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Its official!

I have been in New Zealand for one week and a day now.  And I am declaring that I offically do NOT own enough black clothing!!  Most all of the Kiwis (New Zealanders) wear all black or some shade of it.  Now there is nothing wrong with all black but by nature I have always loved color.  I love having vibrant colors on my wall, in my scrapbooking and even in my clothing.  I did bring some colored tops with me but as I am trying to fit into the NZ life style have chosen to wear the few black or brown pieces I've brought instead.  I can see a shopping trip in my future to buy more black and shades of black!  I did pick up these lovely shoes yesterday though.  A girl does need a little color, even if its on her feet!  : )
Oh, and I already have my scrapbook page for this picture planned in my head!  Black, grey, and a splash of red.  : )


  1. A friend visited her mother's family in England and said they wear alot of black also. Interesting...
    Love the red shoes!

  2. I'm a size 10 remember. Do they make shoes that big there?? lol LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. How'd you get the scrapbook.com link? I am still learning.


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