Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spring in September???

Spring is definitely here!  Sunday, we experienced our first day lights savings time change.  It has been nice to have the sun out until about 8pm but it sure did feel strange to spring forward in September!  The temperatures are warmer and we have even shut off the heat pump and opened windows.  That is a nice change from gray, rainy, chilly days of winter.  In our yard we have tulips and daffodils blooming and around town are many flowering trees.  As I took my walk today I saw my first lilac bush!  I just love lilacs and was so excited to see one.  I can't wait until the blossoms are open and I can drink the deep smell of them.  Just that smell will take me back to my childhood days and my mom putting fresh lilacs in my bedroom and on the kitchen table.  Mmmm.....that is a nice memory.  The boys are home from school for a two week holiday between third and fourth terms of school.  One more 9 weeks (or so) and they will be off for summer break.  Summer in DECEMBER!?  That will also take some getting used to.  Yesterday we went to a big park in town called Hagley park.  The boys enjoyed playing soccer, feeding the ducks, and just exploring.  Today we went to their favorite beach at Sumner.  They just love climbing on the rocks and playing in the ocean.  Its been a good start to Spring!

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