Friday, September 3, 2010

What a wake up Call...

WOW!!!  We have just experienced our first earthquake!!  A 7.4 one at that!  At 4:35 this morning, we were awakened by the sound of the windows rattling, the walls shaking back and forth and things falling off of shelves.  At first, Bryce was like "cool, our first earthquake".  Then as he realized it was a big one, he quickly woke myself and our 3 boys up.  We rushed to the door frame in the hallway and rode out the shaking by holding onto one another.  We are so thankful we were not hurt or have any property damage.  There is quite a bit around Christchurch but not much in our neighborhood.  This is a picture of a sidewalk about a mile from where we live.  For a couple of people growing up in the midwest of the United States, I think we did pretty well in our first earthquake.  Honestly, I'm hoping its my last earthquake!!   : )


  1. First, I LOVE the WorldTimeServer Clock!!
    Second, I saw this sidewalk on the news last night! Without your boys of course.
    Prayers and Hugs!


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