Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I love my boys...

I have been wanting Bryce to take some new pictures of me and the boys.  Mother's Day was about the last time I had him do that and its been a little crazy since then!  So over the weekend, we went to a huge park that the boys just love.  I used that opportunity to get my shots in.  At first I was disappointed that I didn't get that "perfect" shot but the more I looked at those pictures, I knew that Bryce had gotten the perfect shot.  My boys are beautiful.  They are the lights of my life and I wouldn't know how to live without them.  Yep, these are perfect pictures.

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  1. I loved the new pictures when I saw them. Then when I read your comments, I agreed, they are perfect! I love the picture of you in front of the spring flowers. The colors outside my window are autumn leaves fallling to the ground. :)


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