Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sugar Cookies...

I love to bake sugar cookies.  When we lived in the States, I would bake them for every holiday.  I have a big tub of shaped cookie cutters.  Since we moved from Indiana, I have only made cookies once or twice.  And have not made them since moving to New Zealand.  I had been told once that my cookies were better than Loften House cookies (a really good soft sugar cookie made in the States).  Now to me, that was a really high compliment.  Today as Bryce and I were running errands at the mall, we popped into a kitchen store.  I was beside myself excited to see these cookie cutters!  I knew they had to exist somewhere in NZ but I had yet to see them.  AND they were 50% off!!!  Now I am the proud owner of these Kiwi cookie cutters. I am ready to dust off my recipe and get out my sprinkles....which by the way are called hundreds and thousands here in NZ....and get to making my sugar cookies.  YUM!!!

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