Sunday, February 6, 2011

Beach Day and Design Dollies...

Today was the first really "hot" day we've had since moving to New Zealand over 8 months ago.  It climbed up to 31*C (about mid 80'sF) which felt pretty hot!  I took advantage of the heat to get some laundry done.  It was drying in less than 30 minutes on the line!  Nice!!  We also took the boys to the beach.  They love going on a less sunny day so this day was perfect in their eyes.  I have to say, the air might have been warm but the water was still FREEZING!  All the boys now have wet suits so they thought the water was just fine.  Well, sort of.  :)

When we got home, the boys ran off to play with the neighbor girl.  I brought in some of the laundry and then pulled a few weeds.  I decided to come inside while everyone was away and sneak in some scrapbooking time.  :)  I got this layout done for DesignDollies.  I'm new to Design Dollies but I'm gathering they put out 3 challenges in a month and then at the end of it, you are to use all 3 to create a "trifecta" layout.  The elements this time around are their chosen colors, this sketch, and to freehsand something...writing or embellishments or whatever.  I used my embrodery thread to make the word "beach" for my title Beach Boys.

I would say its been a good day for all!!!  :)


  1. I like these layouts. The boys are getting so big. Where does time go anymore. Sounds like you had a fun day! I especially like your LIVE bingo card and your embroidery lettering. Take care.

  2. JUST LOVE LOVE your beach page!!! that is sooo fun and cool, wonderful job!!! thnks soo much for playing along with the Dollies!!!

  3. what a busy day, sounds fun though. Just wonderful! so glad you have found us and hope we see more of your work. xx

  4. Looks like a super fun day out. I love going to the beach, but the water has to be lukewarm for me to venture in for a swim, LOL! Thanks so much for joining in our Trifecta... and totally rocked it!! I especially love the title, which is very, very cool :)

  5. Sigh, gotta love beach days ; )
    Love your layout. The torn paper if perfect for that page.
    Thanks for playing with the Dollies.


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