Thursday, February 3, 2011

School and scrapbooking...

This is Aron looking oh so cute in his new uniform!  He was excited and yet nervous about starting Year 7.  A new school in a new city.  Now that all 3 boys are back in school, I've taken some time to just sit at my desk and create.  It felt so good to have my hands back in paper and glue.  I've also been getting to know the people around me more mostly neighbors and the ladies at the scrapbook store.  Moving to a city and knowing NO ONE is a very strange feeling.  We have enjoyed having our teammates around and currently living with us though.  That has been nice.

I also found a few new to me sketch sites.  This layout is for pencillines.  I found this site by doing a little blog hopping.  You never know what hidden treasures you will find that way!

I love these pictures of Aden.  He was singing with his primary class (and other classes) during Christmas time at the Cathedral in Christchurch.  He was so funny!  What a performer!   I did ask him afterwards if he knew the words to the songs they sang.  "Well.....some of the words" was his answer.  Too funny!  

Won't be long now until they are all home from school so I'm going to dive into another project!


  1. I love your layout!!! I so adore those sassafras monsters :). Also, great choice for the title alphabets!

  2. oh my goodness! What a fabulous interpretation of my sketch at Pencil Lines. I adore what you've done here. The layout is gorgeous!


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