Friday, April 8, 2011

Frosted Designs...

Hello Everyone!  This week's Fabulous Friday challenge at Frosted Designs is all about brads.  You know those little embellishments we all have a few of.  Well, I might have a few more than a few!  :)  My layout all started with one sheet of rocket ship paper I picked up for $1.  There was just something about the colors of it that I loved.  I knew I could make something with it.

I just love this picture of Aden.  This is his go to look for me when I ask for a shot.  Not sure if its his "Mom...again!?" look or what but I have many photos of this side head tilt and that smile.  Just love it!  I loved those little rocket ships so much that I decided to cut some out and make them pop off the page, just like they were taking off.

Originally, my title was going to be "totally and thoroughly over the moon in love with you" but it became a bit long.  But with that came the thought of a full moon shape with my brads.  I thought that  would be a cool way to use them.  One of my teammates at Frosted Designs counted my brads for a total of 95!  Wow!  I didn't realize that it was that many, just that it about wiped out my orange brads with only a few...and this time I really mean a few...left.

I hope you'll take a look through your stash of brads and join us for this week's Friday challenge!

Just a brief weather husband read my last post and said it was all about cold.  Well, yes.  See he has been in the States for 3 weeks enjoying the nice spring weather the midwest has to offer.  Here in New Zealand we are experiencing a taste of winter in the autumn season!  He will have a shock when he comes home tomorrow!  But today it did warm up just a bit.  It was 12* (53.6*f) instead of 7* (44.6*f).   Its crazy what a bit of sun can do for a person.  :)

Its nice to be able to photograph a bit of a sunset.  Thanks for all your warm wishes!  Now, head on over to Frosted Designs and give the brad challenge a go!  Can't wait to see what you make!


  1. Lovely LO, love the circle of brads :)

  2. I love the circle. Gorgeous work. And that sunset is amazing.

  3. Lydia... this LO is adorable!! Having the rocket ships pop dotted was a great idea... it looks really cool! And I can't believe you had the patience to put 95 brads on this LO! Wow!!

    barb :)


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