Sunday, July 24, 2011

Snow day...

This is the last week of school holiday before another term starts and the boys thought yesterday's snow was a perfect start to the week.  We have been told how unusual this snow is for Dunedin.  Not only to get so much...several inches...but for it to stay around for more than a few hours.  Being from the midwest where we are used to very snowy winters and the snow staying long past its welcome, this snow brought much delight to the boys.  They began playing in it as soon as the flakes started hitting the ground and spent many hours throwing snowballs, making snowmen, and having fun with friends.

As I sit here writing this, its still snowing.  Crazy thing is that by tomorrow it will probably all be gone.  So we will enjoy it while it lasts!  :)


  1. :) Such fun pictures! And how great that you get to scrapbook current pictures of your boys with the snow!!!

  2. cute pictures. i love the one with the little snowman. it sure would be nice if snow only lasted a day.. and to enjoy it instead of having to shovel and drive in =)

  3. Aden's snowman is the tiniest I ever saw!!Very Cute. It has been in the 90's here for 3 straight weeks, and I will take the heat over snow any day. Kids start back to school in about 3 weeks. I'm not looking forward to it or the cold weather that will be here before I know it. But, I am looking forward to taking some fall colored pics.
    Take Care!!


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