Sunday, August 29, 2010


Saturday was a beautiful day so we took a drive about 2 hours north of Christchurch to the town of Kaikora.  We had visited there when we first came to NZ in 2008.  Kaikora is pretty famous for their whale watching boat and sky tours along with beautiful mountains and lots of beaches.  Some day we would love to go whale watching but for this day we spent our time on the beach.  The particular beach we were on is home to brown seals.  It was amazing to be less than 10 feet from full grow seals.  We particuarlly liked watching a little seal pup from about 2 feet.  He enjoyed playing in a "puddle" of sea water as we stood by.  At one point in time, he came a little closer as if to see if we were friend or foe.  We had such a great day watching the seals, hiking, and finding shells.  We are looking forward to taking another road trip to Kaikora some day.  Maybe we'll even encounter this pup again.

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