Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tunnel Hike...

I love this picture.  A few Saturdays ago, we took a hike called tunnel hike.  The hike took 45 minutes to get to the tunnel.  We weaved our way down the mountain all the while looking out to the ocean and seeing the wild flowers on the mountain side.  The path looked like nothing more than a sheep trail.  And it was muddy!  The boys splashed right through as Bryce and I tried hard to keep our shoes on the driest parts.  When we arrived at the tunnel, the boys were so excited!  And so were we because it was actually a tunnel.  We walked the 103 meters (307 feet) through it trying not to slip or hit our heads.  When we made it through the tunnel, we were right at the ocean!  Totally worth the hike and the tunnel.  The boys climbed on all the rocks with Bryce's help.  I, on the other hand, stayed well back and took pictures.  The waves were HUGE that day.  I love that I captured the wave pounding the rock in this shot.  After spending about 30 minutes climbing, exploring, and taking pictures, we began the hike back up.  Which took about 1hour as it was much harder than going down.  We are looking forward to taking more hikes like this and probably even going on this one again.  We are thankful to be living in such a beautiful country and having experiences like this.

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