Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spring is Coming...

When we arrived in New Zealand on June 1, it was the beginning of winter.  Winter here is grey and rainy days but with green grass and trees.  Its not the grey, drab winter with snow that we are used to in the midwest.  I am happy to say that I have begun to see signs of spring in the last few days!  The days are lighter earlier and longer, the birds are singing when I wake up, and I've seen flowering bushes and trees.  I even have daffodils (I'm pretty sure) coming up in my back flower gardens.  Seeing the flowers poke through the ground are a sure sign of spring for me.  The signs of new life are always uplifting and encouraging.  Bryce suprised me the other day with these daffodils.  Not picked from our yard yet but still just as lovely.  
Ahhhh.....welcome Spring!!!  


  1. You're daffodils are beautiful! We'll be seeing autumn mums soon! Oh, mums the flowers, not NZ mothers! :)

  2. I love mums! Both kinds I suppose! : ) I wonder if they have them here. I suppose I'll find out next fall.


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