Saturday, January 8, 2011

Favorites from today...

Overlooking Dunedin from Signal Hill

Today the sun was shining!  It has been cold, rainy, and chilly since Dale and Jan (my in-laws) got here so we were so thankful for sunshine and warmth today.  We took a drive up Signal Hill, took in the sights and captured some memories.  The boys love to run around in the woods and flat areas surrounding the lookout.  They came running up to me and said "Mom!  You HAVE to check out this mushroom!  You'd love to photograph it."  Do my boys know me or what?!   They were right.  You probably have guessed that this isn't the only photo of these cool mushrooms.  :)  I'm so glad they came to get me and knew that I would love to see them.  How cool!  I used that opportunity to photograph my other favorite thing(s)....My Boys!  I love that they are willing....most of the have my camera in their face.  I'm so glad I was able to capture these shots.  Today was a good day!

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