Wednesday, January 5, 2011

They're Here!!!

The boys "attacking" Grandma with a HUGE hug!

After many months of planning, skyping, and just anticipation, my in-laws arrived yesterday for a month long visit.  I think the excitement level in the house could rival the excitement of Christmas!  As we sat at the airport waiting for their plane to arrive, Aden kept saying "I just can't wait!  I just can't wait!" with a sparkle in his eye.  I think in the first hour Dale and Jan were here, "Grandma" was said about 500 times.  The New Zealand weather gave them a great welcome of clouds, rain, wind, chills, and just grey skies.  Welcome to the Land of the Long White Cloud!  We are so excited for this time together and praying the month goes by slowly.   Oh...and I believe that the first picture is my photo of the day for yesterday!  :)

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  1. SO GLAD for you guys. How great to have your family right there with you. Enjoy every minute, as I know you will!! Family is too precious to take for granted, as the Hogue's discovered this past Nov./Dec.! (we knew it, sometimes we just need reminded!) We miss you guys!
    pam and family


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