Saturday, March 26, 2011

Life and a little scrapbooking thrown in...

Sunshine+warm weather+lazy Saturday=impromptu picnic!  After early morning showers, it was a nice suprise to see the sun come out and the weather warm up fast.  So once again, we loaded up and headed to the skate park.  Its close and the boys love going there.  (and yes, I did do a couple loads of laundry!)

Last week I finished up this layout and realized I hadn't posted it.  The Tuesday Sketch Gals over at Frosted Designs had another great sketch this week.  I'm so glad to be playing along with them!  If you're a scrapbooker, head on over to their blog and check them out.  Each Tuesday they will have a new sketch for you to play with.  And of course the Fabulous Friday challenges, of which I'm a part of the team!

With us in New Zealand and my parents in Iowa, I've had many days and moments where I've missed them deeply.  These photos were from one of the last times we saw them before moving here (I've had them almost a year!!).  I've tried to scrap them before but emotionally I just couldn't.  I loved this sketch for these pictures and am so happy to have them in a layout instead of in my photo file.  Thanks Frosted Designs!!!  And I'm so happy to say that next parents will be here in New Zealand for a visit!!!  Then I will have new pictures to scrap....when I'm ready.

And just to show you how precious that sunshine is.....
This was yesterday......sunshine and warm weather...

This is today.....rain, fog, and chilly...

That's New Zealand for you!  :)  Hope you are having a great day no matter the weather where you are!


  1. I Love your LO. Love the placement of the doiles.

  2. Yummy LO...I missed seeing this one irl today. LOl at the two different days of our weekend. Totally Dunedin in a nut shell I guess


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