Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rainy Day...

Yesterday was the perfect laundry day.  I was able to get 3 loads washed and dried before 5pm.  I remember the days of doing 7 loads a day and just keeping the washer and dryer running.  Dryers here in New Zealand are very tiny.  I could probably fit one pair of jeans and maybe a shirt in my dryer.  So I wait for "good drying" days.  Like yesterday.  And then I get as much done as I can.  To make putting away easier....on me....the boys each have a colored basket.  In go clean clothes for them to put away.  Occasionally I get clean clothes underneath dirty ones when someone doesn't put away their clothes first!

Today is not a good laundry day.  Its wet, chilly, and the sky is covered in clouds.  Thankfully I had yesterday to do the laundry and get groceries.  So today after a quick vacuum, I was ready for Lynne to come over and play.  With paper and glue that is!

I was happy to finish up this layout for Pencil Lines.  When we lived in Christchurch, we visited Kaikoura about 2 hours north where the brown fur seals are.  We were so lucky to be able to get so close to these babies.  I literally kept telling the boys to back up as the pups were so curious of us.  They were fascinating to watch and we hope to get back there when my parents visit.

I also finished up this one for Sketchy Thursdays April Guest Designer.  Aden cracks me up!  I love the way his 7 year old brain thinks.  Bryce is going back to the States for a visit soon and Aden is getting together a package for his best friend Ethan.  So as we are walking to school, Aden says this to me.  "Mom, I hope Ethan sends me a package.  And in it is a bird.  I will name it Polly and it would say Polly want a cracker."  All the while he is pretending to stroke a bird sitting on his finger!  Where does he come up with these things???  I knew I had to get that down on a layout.  So here it is...

Sorry about the red edges today.  Since its grey I put them up on my chair....rather than the floor....for better light and can't seem to crop them close enough to get rid of that red edge.  Hmmm....

This last layout is for the weekly challenge at Sketchy Thursdays.  I liked seeing a two pager this time around.  I have been doing more one page layouts and have plenty of pictures I need to scrap.  This sketch was great for these pictures of our last day at Ledges State Park.  We visited this park several times when we were in Iowa at my parent's house.  The boys just love it!  There is a wee creek that winds around through the park and you can play in it at several spots.  The boys love to catch frogs, jump off rocks, roast marshmallows with our picnic, and overall just get soaked.  This day we saw 5 snakes there too!  *shudder*  I could have done without seeing them.  Thankfully they stayed clear of us and we did the same.  Oh, and thankfully I now live in a land with NO snakes!  Anyway....I was happy to be able to scrap these pictures although it did create some teary moments missing my folks.  One day we'll be back and I'm sure Ledges is a place we'll visit.

Well, its almost time for school to be out.  The sun has decided to poke its head out of the grey clouds.  And I can even see some blue sky!  Maybe the rain will hold off for Ian's touch rugby game.  I've got a few more layouts running around in my head.  Maybe I'll be able to get them out soon.  Today I was thankful for a rainy day.  :)


  1. Love love love all of these!!!! CUTE photos! Thanks sooooooooooo much for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I really like your layouts! I always like seeing the use of flowers on a boys page! I have 3 boys also...5, 2, and 10months. I think I'm going to enjoy checking your blog for fellow boy inspiration!

  3. oh, and I like your idea for laundry! it's something I struggle with daily! I try to do one load a day, but I wash it dry it fold it and put it away (and sort any laundry that needs it) It has been working for me so far, but I still hate doing laundry! I couldn't imagine having such a small dryer! I'll be appreciating my big one a lot more now!

  4. Cute and fun pages, love those yellow doilies, do you dye it yourself? thanks for sharing!


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