Wednesday, April 21, 2010

38 days

Wow! Somewhere I've lost count of days till we leave or my number was off to begin with. Either way seeing "thirty" in front of that 8 makes my heart begin to beat faster!

Today I went with Aden and his Kindergarten class a concert and the zoo. It was a good day to just hang out with him. I think in all our busy-ness, we've put the one on one with the boys aside. I am ready and anxious to pick that back up. Before all this New Zealand move, we would make sure that we had time each week for each boy individually. It might be as simple as going to the gas station together or a trip to the neighboring town. The treat for us was to spend time with that particular boy and the treat for them was always something sweet to eat! Its so good to spend special time with my boys. They are growing up way to fast!! Next is Ian's field trip on Friday, provided it doesn't get rained out. Special days for sure! : )


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