Friday, April 16, 2010


I have many favorite things. Spring is just one of my favorite seasons. I love the flowering trees and new leaves! Tulips are my most favorite flowers. Today we took our boys to the Topeka Rose Garden and looked at all the tulips. They have over 7000 tulips in bloom. The flowers are beautiful to say the least. Ian kept oooing and ahhing over them. He asked me which one was my favorite. I said the pink ones with white, the red ones with yellow centers, those purple ones that look two toned, the other small white ones, the yellow ones.....I can't pick just one! Thankfully I don't have to. Sharing my favorite flower with my boys was a memory I won't soon forget. Oh, and of course I got a "bunch" of great pictures. I can't wait to scrapbook them!

What's your favorite thing about spring?
Cheers! : )

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  1. What a fun set of photos to scrap! Maybe you can use some of the yellow cardstock! :)


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