Friday, April 23, 2010

God's Quilt

Sunday as we were sitting in church, Aden made a very observant comment. We had a free Sunday so we visited a church in Topeka that we had never been to before. Aden chose to stay with us during the church service so we let him pick where we sat. His pick? The balcony! As we were waiting for the service to begin, he commented that it looked like a quilt down below us. He was so right! The colors that everyone was wearing, the different hair colors and styles, all combined it did look like a quilt. I'm not a quilter. Ok, I did do each of the boys an embrodery block quilt for when they were born, but that's about it. I do know that when making a quilt special care goes into picking the material, cutting it into pieces, and putting it together.

Aden's comment got me to thinking. God has hand picked us just like a quilter would. He has lovingly ran his hands over our make up, our "material" if you will. He has taken the time to bind us together. This makes me think of the song that goes like this....bind us together Lord, bind us together. Bind us together with cords that cannot be broken. Bind us together, Lord, bind us together. Bind us together with love. I am thankful that not only has God hand picked me, but that He bound me together with great family, friends, and Christians. And all with a loving hand. May God's love bind you with someone this week. May that love cover you like a beautiful quilt.

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