Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aden's Slippers

Yesterday I bought Aden new slippers. He has been wearing his Bob the Builder ones that he got for his second birthday. He is now 6 1/2! His toes have been crammed in there all scrunched up. I found these new slippers on the clearance isle at Walmart. I thought that they would be big on him and perfect by the time we got to New Zealand for winter. I was wrong. He only has about 1/2 an inch left in them! My how that child is growing. Not only did he love them, he hadn't taken them off since he got them. This morning he woke up with them on, at breakfast with them on, and was even going to walk out the door for the bus with them on. He did do a quick shoe change for school but my guess is when he gets home, the slippers go back on. I love that he just loves them so. Warm and cozy, just like my love for him.

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