Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

I took this picture of our lounge this morning.  It struck me how much I like this home.  One of my favorite features are the big windows.  They let in so much light on a sunny day.  On a day like today, I can shut off the heat pump and let the sun warm our home. The grey/green chair in the corner is "Mom's chair".  That is where I am right now posting this.  The peace lily on the table next to me is from my Mom.  She always gave me money to buy flowers for Mother's Day.  This year I saved my money and wanted to buy a plant that can be with me where ever we live in New Zealand to remind me of my Mom.  Under the plant are some NZ souvenirs we picked up when we visited in 2008.  The chair next to it has a quilt on it that our church in Williamsport, Indiana made for us when we left that ministry.  Many of our friends wrote heartfelt words on hearts and a dear friend quilted it all together for us.  It has sat across our laps many chilly nights here.  Just to the right of that chair on the wall is our Wiley family pictures.  We look at all those smiling faces and remember good times and feel their love.  Under the Wiley picture is a bookshelf my Dad made years ago.  It holds all our favorite books that I have read to my boys over the years.  Many special memories are in those books.  To the left of my chair is a table with the Gilmore family picture on it.  It brings the same feelings as the Wiley picture.  The couch has become a favorite resting spot for the boys.  They happen to be on it right now playing a video game.  It is 7:50pm (Wednesday) so they will be heading to bed soon.  I might stretch out on it myself in a little while.  On the round coffee table is a scarf that Bryce brought back to me when he visited Israel.  In the basket on it are some of the scrapbook projects I have made for the boys and our family.  This lounge is one of my favorite rooms in the house.  Not only because of the great natural light and sunny warmth but for all the memories that are in this room.  We may have only lived here for 4 weeks but it feels like its always been home.  Home.  That is such a sweet word.  I am thankful for this place we call HOME.


  1. WOW I'm shocked it's neat and tidy. NOT! Looks beautiful! Love this big windows. Can't wait til you get a table and can get all crafty!

  2. Your home looks beautiful... it looks like a home. So happy for you!

  3. It's amazing how your furniture can make any house look like yours! Looks like a great neighborhood!


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