Sunday, July 4, 2010

A different kind of Fourth

Today was a different kind of Fourth of July.  There were no fireworks, no BBQ's, and it certainly wasn't hot.  I remembered the year we watched fireworks over Niagra Falls in Canada, watching them in Illinois with friends, and the year the boys stayed with my brother in Springfield, IL.  There was also last year when it was so wet we didn't see any big fireworks.  But with all those celebrations, I remember the time spent with family and friends more than the fireworks themselves.  So today may have been a different kind of celebration but I will always remember my first one in New Zealand.  A day where we drove to the mountains and played in the snow and threw rocks into the lake.  I may have missed the colors and sparkle of fireworks but I was still able to give thanks for my freedom and spend the day with loved ones.
Happy Birthday America!!

Cheers!!  : )

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