Monday, July 19, 2010

One of many firsts.....

Today our boys experienced their first day of New Zealand school.  They were a ball of emotions when they got up.  Each one quickly dressed in their uniform, ate breakfast, and packed their lunch.  I think they were ready to walk out the door 30 minutes before we needed to!  They were excited to be making new friends but worried that they wouldn't understand their accents too well.  I walked the boys to school and helped them meet teachers and get settled.  When I left, each face was a mix of smiles and nerves.  It wasn't until I was almost home that my tears began.  I was so nervous for them!  I knew they would be fine and that they would make friends quickly but it was still hard to leave them to take care of themselves.  I was anxious for 3:00 to roll around and hear about their day.  It was exactly what I expected.  They were so full of stories that it was hard to listen to just one boy.  Their faces were glowing with huge smiles as they told about the friends they had met and the differences from the school they had known in the states.  All those emotions....all those anxious thoughts.....gone.  Whew....WE made it through the first day!!!  Now for the second day......  : )

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  1. How could you not love them? They are awesome kids with super awesome parents! Love and miss you guys soooooo much!!


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