Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Hugs....

Since we have lived in New Zealand for 8 weeks now, I've taken up walking/jogging to the beach.  I really love going to the beach but have no desire to get close to the water.  I really do not like deep water.  Especially water that I can't see through.  Isn't it ironic that I LIVE on an island, surrounded by DEEP water that I can't SEE through??  Yeah, I think its ironic.  But there is something about the beach that draws me there.  I love seeing the sun dance off the water.  I love seeing how big the waves are.  I love keeping my eye open for just the perfect shell.  I love seeing what might have washed up on shore.  But what I love most about being on the beach is that it is the one place that I can go to get as physically close as I can to the family and friends that I have left behind in the states.  I stand on that beach and picture them in my mind.  While standing there, I menatlly throw hugs to those that I miss.  So the next time you are going about your day and feel a random hug hit you, you know I'm standing on the beach thinking of YOU.  Brace yourselves, I'll be heading to the beach in the morning.  : )

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