Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some things never change

I love to make cookies.  I like to think my sugar cookies are my signature but I'll make just about any kind. My boys love chocolate chip cookies so of course I make them for them.  For some reason I cannot make a chocolate chip cookie that looks nice.  They always taste OK but they would not win a ribbon for looks!  Maybe not for taste either but the boys sure eat them up.  I made cookies the other day for the first time since we've moved to NZ.  It was a challenge from the start as I had to translate my measurements from cups or "stick of butter" to grams and kilograms to the fact that I didn't have a proper measuring cup!  Thank goodness that my oven has C* and F* temps on it for baking them at 180* instead of 350* and then watching them so they wouldn't burn.  So I've learned that while I'm living in a country where I drive on the other side of the road, take walks to the beach, and I am the one with an accent, some things never change.  Like my strange looking but good tasting chocolate chip cookies!
: )


  1. I always add a little extra flour, that way the cookies don't come out so "flat" looking! I received that tip from the mother in law, queen cookie baker. Keep up the temp and measurement conversions. You'll be a scientist yet! One thing I am grateful for, I learned the metric system well through my studies! Take care and happy baking!

  2. Thanks for the advice Pam! I will keep that in mind for next time.


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